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Why You Must Treat Yourself To A Yoga Retreat In The Mountains

For most people, the thought of Yoga brings to mind images of the various asana postures, which are commonly associated with one’s exercise regimen. But did you know, that Yoga is not just about the physical postures and its philosophy runs much deeper than that? Did you ever think it could be a part of your holiday plans and contribute to your wellbeing? Imagine waking up to a refreshing view every morning amidst misty mountains and being able to nurture your heart, mind and body through holistic living. Yoga retreats are exactly that, and much more!

There’s a common misconception that Yoga is just another form of exercise, and naturally, most people can’t imagine Yoga and a holiday going hand in hand. But that’s far from the truth! Yoga not only helps you work on your body and physical health, but it is deeply connected to your mental health. It helps one reconnect to one’s inner self, introspect and help focus the mind on the right things. Now just imagine doing this in a beautiful setting in the mountains and lush landscapes of Bhutan. Yoga retreats in the mountains is a great way to simply catch your breath and pamper yourself inside out. If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons why you should definitely consider going on a Yoga-inspired holiday soon.

    1. Disconnect and reconnect

    A yoga retreat will allow you the time and space to disconnect from the clutter of your daily life and reconnect with yourself and your natural surroundings. Yoga resorts are usually located in peaceful and scenic destinations which offer a great opportunity for you to spend some time with yourself. If you’ve always craved for some alone time or wanted to give solo travel a try, yoga or wellness retreats are a great way to initiate that.


    1. Learn Yoga from top instructors

    Yoga retreats and resorts come with qualified instructors who have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share. Learn from some of the best in the field and use the newly learnt techniques to heal yourself, physically and emotionally. But even if you are not looking for solutions to any particular problem, Yoga promotes good health and will doubly recharge you by the end of your vacation.


    1. Calm your mind through meditation

    A session of deep meditation can work wonders for your mind, especially if done early in the morning. Relax in a stress free environment in the mountains, breathing in crisp, fresh air, to make the most of the physical and psychological benefits of meditation.


    1. Harness positive thinking

    A good session of Yoga helps in cultivating positive energy and thoughts. With no day-to-day chores to worry about, you will be freely able to embrace positivity during this wellness retreat in the mountains.


    1. Connect with new people

    Wellness travel is picking up fast globally. So you are sure to come across like minded people during a yoga retreat. Even if you found no one to tag along with you for a trip like this, you are bound to meet new ones on your journey. Meeting new people in a positive setting like this broadens your perspective towards life and who knows, maybe you could even come back with new friendships!

Yoga and its benefits have been long known, but combining it with travel takes it to another level altogether. So the next time you really feel the need to destress and go on a holiday, consider opting for a yoga retreat. We cannot stress on this enough, but a little bit of self-love and indulgence goes a long way!

Chandrika June 18, 2018