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Why Should Grandmothers Only Go On Pilgrimages?

Children raised, home built, career managed, spouse cherished. Now what? Is the spiritual path all that remains? Or is there more to retired life? Find out more, if you’re raring to go!

How many of us have come across a group of grandmas chilling around a bonfire, or waiting for the light show to begin at, say, the Eiffel Tower? Perhaps a handful, if that. At the same time, how many groups of grandmas have we seen at oft-visited pilgrim sites? Scores of them!

So, this one is for grandmas. And those who fall in that age-group have likely juggled a lot of things through their youth and middle-age before getting to this stage. Some are perhaps still doing so. Whether employed or not, women in general have had more than their fair share of responsibilities to handle during their lifetime, because raising children, cooking and cleaning, managing a family, has mostly been the job of the woman.

Then it is finally time to retire, to take a step back from the grueling chores. The time has come to perhaps to explore a new place. Does this place have to be a religious destination though? Does all travel for grandmothers have to be a pilgrimage? There is never an age limit to travel. As long as you are physically able to, it is wonderful to go somewhere new, do something different. Old age is often paired with spirituality. What is often overlooked is that, spirituality need not be found on a pilgrimage alone. Or you need not to turn spiritual at all, unless you want to.

Leisure travel is rarely even considered as an option for senior women. What is seldom known is that, despite the limitations old age might bring, there are still several options available to you, and many reasons for you to travel for pleasure. Visiting a new place is always an eye-opener. It opens up a world of opportunities to learn, and one is never too old for that. Meeting new people gives new perspective. Shared experiences provide a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Getting to know new cultures or ways of life is an enriching experience. The thrill of staying in a new city, eating different food, or even seeing the same sun set in a different location is absolutely novel. It gives a break from the mundane and can provide a diversion from the routine. This in turn makes returning to the routine something to look forward to. A refreshed mind, a rejuvenated body, a raised spirit, can all be gained by travelling.

It is said that old age is like second childhood. So why not be child again, but armed with the wisdom gained over the years? Why not explore a cave, or frolic on the waves at a beach far away from home, maybe surrounded by your friends? Or trail a path to a place you have always wanted to visit? Check that place off your bucket list, or see that town you’ve never heard of?

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Shruti Padmakumar