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Waterfall Lovers in Pune and Mumbai, explore these Falls outside Maharashtra!

Rains throw our lives out of gear but paint the canvas of Nature with breathtaking beauty!

The monsoon is a magical time in India! Rivers swell, mountains turn greener and waterfalls explode with fullness and rage, seducing nature lovers with their bounty.

Most Puneris love to venture out in the monsoon. Many go for treks because trekking in the rains gives them a kick, and many prefer to flock to the Sahyadris to bathe and have fun in the innumerable waterfalls that dot the landscape.

The waterfalls in Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar, Kamshet, Tamhini and other places are very popular with weekend sojourners.

Since India is a treasure trove of waterfalls, we thought we’d inspire Puneris and Mumbaikars to explore the other spectacular waterfalls of India! We’ve handpicked those that would be easy for the citizens of both cities and other parts of Maharashtra to access and reach


Best way to reach – By road. 

On top of our list and for good reason (it is very close to both Mumbai and Pune), Dudhsagar is in Goa and one of the most stunning monsoon waterfalls! It drops down 320 metres and is a sight to behold!

Jog Falls

Best way to reach – By road. 

The 2nd highest plunge waterfall in India, Jog is located in Karnataka, about 105 kms from Shimoga. Visitors can bathe in the falls and also undertake a hike to see it in its glory


Best way to reach – Till Raipur by air and then by road. 

This spectacular waterfall is the pride of Chhattisgarh! India’s widest, it is also called the Niagra Falls of India. Chitrakote is located in the Bastar district of the State. Visitors can take a boat ride at the base of the Falls, and also camp near it


Best way to reach – Till Raipur by air and then by road. 

Another stunning waterfall in Chhattisgarh, this one is located inside the Kanger Valley national park. The water falls at three levels and visitors can bathe on each of them. The Falls will remind you of the waterfalls in the movie, Bahubali.


Best way to reach – Till Kochi by air and then by road. 

Tucked away in a hidden corner of Kerala, off the touristy circuit, this gorgeous waterfall is very popular with the locals. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala and picnic goers can bathe at the top of the Falls, in the river, and at the bottom.

A Word of Caution

Waterfalls are fun not just to see but also to bathe in. But one must be very careful when venturing into the water. We request all travellers to be safe and enjoy the Falls and resist the temptation to undertake risks that could cause serious injury, or worse still, loss of life.

Ritu Goyal September 9, 2019