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Travel With Friends

Group trips with friends are probably one of the most fun ways to holiday. Not to take anything away from solo travel, but travelling with friends definitely takes the fun quotient a notch higher! But what we love the most about travel with friends is that it allows one, time and space to catch up with friends. It is especially true for friends who were once very close but have lost touch over the years purely due to the pressures of modern lifestyle. Isn’t it the story of all our lives? So the next time you’re thinking of taking a holiday, here’s why we think you should plan it with your gang of friends.

Catch up with long-distance friends

How many friends do you still have living in the same city as you? Very few we would guess or may be even none! These long-distance friends were once our lifelines that we couldn’t spend a day without. So why not take time out from your hectic schedules and plan a holiday with them? Instead of trying to bring them all to your city, use this as an opportunity to explore a new place together. Spending a few days having fun and catching up on the lost years is sure to rejuvenate your bond.


School/college reunions

Travel is a great way to have a school or college reunion in an unconventional manner. What better way to relive the good old times than by creating new memories to cherish? At EaseIndia Travel, we love planning trips like these for enthusiastic travellers. In fact, in March 2019, we are taking a group of 45 school friends to Bhutan to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their 10th standard exams. As you may have guessed, the average age of this group is going to be 65+. If that’s not inspired you to plan a reunion holiday with your own gang, we don’t know what will!


Best partners in crime

Childhood friends make for the best partners in crime, don’t you think? But now that you’re all grown up, the little mischievous activities of younger days have also faded away. We think travel is the perfect way to rekindle that mischief in you and your friends. Indulge in adventure activities or simply spend time splashing around in a pool – a holiday with friends ensure you never have to participate in fun activities alone!


Travel is better with like minded people

This may seem obvious, but more often than not we tend to overlook how important our travel partners are in making a journey memorable. Travelling with likeminded people truly enhances the experience of a new destination. And who better than your best friends to fit into those shoes? So the next time you want to go on a holiday but don’t want to travel alone or with family, ask a friend or a group of friends to tag along. You’ll be surprised with how much ease your friends transition into becoming your travel partners.

Chandrika October 13, 2018