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Travel Through Bhutan With Friends

There’s no doubt that travel brings us immense joy and an unmatched sense of fulfilment, no matter who you travel with or what your destination is. But certain kinds of travel seem to have a much deeper impact than others. An exciting trip to Bhutan with a bunch of like-minded individuals does the trick for us! Bhutan by itself is one of those few places that are known to be extremely traveller-friendly. Top that with a fun gang to make it all feel like a joyride! Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

At Ease India Travel, we recognize the joy of such travel and have put together a trip to the blissful land of Bhutan for the month of October. With a group of not more than 15 people in tow, our founder, Ritu, an avid traveller herself, will lead you to some of the most beautiful spots Bhutan has to offer. From the exquisite monasteries of Thimphu to the vibrant souvenir shops of Paro, the rocky roads of Bhutan will take you places you may not even have read about in the guidebooks. With Ritu’s extensive knowledge and experience of travelling through Bhutan, expect to uncover hidden spots only known to the locals!

But apart from that, what will also set this trip apart in your memories is the people you’ll meet on the way and the experiences you’ll share with them. It is one thing to travel with friends you’ve known all along, and it is another to make friends while you travel. And honestly, it is not absolutely necessary to travel solo in order to meet new people when you can simply join a group of individuals from different walks of life and go on a trip together. If this sounds impossible at first, trust Ritu to ensure that every aspect of your travel experience is taken care of – from personal safety to local transportation, you can be sure that you’re in expert hands.

With so much going on in our busy lives, it does become cumbersome to coordinate and plan a trip with friends living in different cities, working different jobs. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun of travelling with friends, right? In such a scenario, our mixed-group Bhutan trip is probably your best bet to get your dose of travel and also have fun with co-passengers who quickly turn into buddies. On this exciting journey to Bhutan, expect to be delighted in more ways than one. Clubbing in a new country, tasting local brews, showing your singing chops on karaoke nights, hiking lesser known trails – you’ll do it all on this trip. This trip and the experiences are planned in a way that gives you ample opportunity to bond with your fellow travellers yet leaving enough time to explore the country in the best way possible.

Our 8-day Blissful Bhutan tour starts at Paro, later taking you through Thimphu, Punakha and Phobjika. Hike the picturesque Gangtey trail, passing by pine trees and quaint monasteries. Attend a local festival at Thimphu and join the celebrations with your new found friends and the local communities. We promise, this Bhutan trip will be unlike any other trip you may have been on. Join us on this magical journey and let us share our love for Bhutan with you!

Chandrika August 14, 2018