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Trans Bhutan Trail Open after 60 Years!

One of the best trails in the world is now open to hikers.

Bhutan, the tiny Himalayan country sandwiched between India and China is one of the finest countries to undertake high altitude treks in, and now, the country is ready with another exciting trail.

The Trans Bhutan Trail is a 250 mile (400 km) historic pilgrimage trail that spans the length of the country. The trail was shut as most of it had fallen into disuse thanks to the advent of roads, but has now been restored – after 60 years!

The trail that begins from the pristine valley Haa, in the west of Bhutan, traverses across 400 historic and cultural sites, ending at Trashigang in the east.

Historically, this trail was used by travellers from the east of the country towards the west, as it covers all the major Dzongkhags (districts). More than 500 years ago, this trail, with its stairways and footpaths, was also used by travellers to and from Tibet.

The restoration work undertaken by the Bhutanese government in conjunction with the Bhutan Canada Foundation has restored over 10,000 stairs, 18 major bridges and hundreds of kilometres of trail.

Tourists can complete the Trail in about one month and can choose to walk or take a bicycle. Shorter trails on the route will also be promoted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the country’s premier tourism body.

Hikers can experience Bhutan’s pristine environs, (it is one of the only carbon negative countries in the world), deep dive into its unique culture and history as the Trail passes through many far flung villages, and enjoy its flora and fauna. Bird watchers, botanists and photographers will especially enjoy this experience.

The Trail will be inaugurated by the King of Bhutan in March 2022 and from April 2022, it will be thrown open to hikers from across the world.

Undertaking the whole Trail might be an expensive proposition as Bhutan imposes a daily tariff of 250 USD per person, per day.

Indians are currently exempt from this tariff, though it is not clear yet if the Bhutanese government will issue permits for Indian citizens to undertake this Trail or parts of it.


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Ritu Goyal January 24, 2022