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This Is Why We Trek!

Think about regular trekkers. What could possibly their motivation be to carry around a 10 kg backpack for hours at a stretch? Isn’t travel meant to provide relief and comfort? And on the outside, trekking doesn’t seem so comfortable if you think about the effort and activities involved. So what is it that trekkers are after? Turns out, the joys of trekking are many and ones that can only be realised intrinsically by those involved in trekking.

  • The Adrenalin rush

In a way, trekking can be classified as an adventure sport. The steep climbs, the beautiful but sometimes terrifying view of deep valleys or the possibility of being caught in a natural calamity – all this only fuels the passion of a trekker, not deter him. This pump of adrenaline that kicks in during a trek is what many trekkers look forward to.

  • Natural beauty

There is no denying the fact that mountains are some of the most stunning natural formations found on earth. Be it the rugged kind or the ones covered in snow, mountains have an intriguing aura about themselves. Most of us may just be content looking at it. But trekkers are a different breed. When the mountains call, they simply respond to it and embark on another trek.

  • The thrill of exploring the unexplored

This is probably one of the most obvious motivations for trekkers. For them, every trek is a new journey to explore the unknown. Our daily lives can become monotonous every now and then. Those who trek, know just when to switch off and answer the call of nature and cherish the beauty of a new mountain range.

  • Challenge themselves

Trekking is a great way to mentally and physically challenge your mind and body. It allows you to push your limits and lets you achieve more than what you thought was possible. Trekking helps to train the mind to deal with emergencies and the body to work those muscles in the face of adversity and still keep you going. For regular trekkers, this is almost like physical and mental exercise to maintain a healthy body and mind.

  • Meet new people

Not all trekkers go on solo treks. Group treks or trekking with a partner is very common and a lot of fun! The fun quotient goes up a notch higher when the trek is with a group of people you may not have met before or do not know very well. Long treks not only provide a great opportunity to create new connections and bonds, but they also make you feel an integral part of a healthy community.

Doing adventure activities or facing difficult times together, all contribute to a sense of communal bonding.

If you are a first time trekker, all this may come across as overwhelming or even a little bit scary. What if I fall sick? What if there’s a natural calamity? But all these thoughts will seem trivial once you actually embark on that journey. And believe us when we say, if you have breathed the air in the mountains once, there is no stopping you! Once a trekker, always a trekker.

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