Destination: Sabarkatha, Gujrat

There is a small village at the North of Gujarat, well known for its settlements of Tribal and Shepherd hamlets. The village has long been a hub of the convergence of people from various tribes, who come here for their buying and selling requirements. An unexplored beauty of Aravalis at its one side, the area is dominated by fields of wheat and cotton.

It has also been renowned in the world for the tribal tradition of Terracota horse offerings to mountain Gods. Tens and thousands of Terracota Horses are seen lined up at sacred shrines as offerings for wishes fulfilled, from people coming from various parts of the world.

The Rooms

This property is the only abode amidst this tribal setting. The Property belongs to the Rao of village who governed 164 villages of the area. The descendants of the Rao opened their doors to the world with 30 rooms.

There are jeeps for excursions to visit the tribal villages and Terracota horse shrines. The family ensures that one of their members accompany the guests on these excursions.


Rates – 11000 INR* + Taxes

*Cost includes stay for a couple for 1 night with all meal for two and Jeep excursion to the Tribal area .