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The charming side of Kargil- The War Land

A true wanderer soul will always seek the best landscapes, where most beautiful roads making it out to the best ever destinations. The beauty of a journey is only for those who can cherish and embrace the magic of it at every bit. For others, who commute to tackle the roads just in order to reach the destination, journey is nothing but a hardship; from a point to another.

So, decide and move; because today we are going to talk about the most beautiful landscapes from the Indian Soil, The heaven from the India….The Territory of Ladakh!!!

You must have come across many troops of bikers and travellers who wish to conquer this beautiful altitude with the most picturesque landscapes. Today, we are going to uncover and add on another terrain to the so called Heaven from India.

Ladakh has always been on the top of the wishlist of travellers, may it be from India or from any other country. But a lot of people miss out on Kargil while expediting on the roads of Ladakh.

Kargil, the coldest place in the country, situated at an altitude of 8780 feet above the Coast of Indus River. The Buddhist Monastery and Charming Valleys here at Kargil is a must have experience, when you are planning to conquer Ladakh.

Attractions to explore at Kargil:

Kargil is primarily known as “The War Land”, subject to the Kargil War that took place in 1999 between India and Pakistan. But, aside this it pivots a beautiful amalgam of Beauty and Culture which is welcoming tourism. Kargil vends you with a plethora of beautiful nature, delightful locales and appetising foods.

The War Memorial – Kargil:

If you are an Indian, and you wish to imbibe Nationalism and Patriotism with Pride, this is the first place to go for you, when in Kargil.
I am enlisting this as an attraction as it has the core strength and traction for a patriotic heart that wishes to pay gratitude to the martyrs of The Kargil War. The air here signifies the conviction that the Indian soldiers shown during the Kargil War.
A picture deciphering the events of the war and the Army officers who contributed their lives for the nation is a notable element to come across. The Sandstone wall in the memorial inked with the name of martyrs would definitely make you feel the harshness and scars that this very incident left on the Indian History, forever.
The Kargil War Memorial is situated hardly 6km far from the Drass District. Probably July to September is the ideal time to visit this monument.

Rangdum Monastery:

This place is the perfect boost for the ones who want to start the journey in the arms of nature. The oldest monastery from the 18th century that still signifies the Tibetan culture through the pieces of arts and artifacts.
Rangdum Monastery- The home to monks, sits at an elevation of 4031 mtrs and leaves you disconnected from the lacale around. Well, this diffusion lets you escape from the trap of worries and embrace the piece in the prayer hall, situated right in the centre of the monastery. If you still wish to experience the near village culture, Yuldu and Julidok are the near villages that you can explore and get going with.
The spiky and splendid hill tops and the panoramic views of Suru Valley add a great value to this wonderful destination.
Rangdum is connected through roadways and has a regulated Bus service in place from Kargil. The rocky terrains may make the commute a little harder but it is worth it

The Suru Valley:

Hey wanderlusts, all eyes here please; here we are going to glide from the panoramic landscapes of Suru Valley, Kargil. Relishing nature accompanied by rocky and spiky hill tops, lush green eye quenching valleys and peacefully flowing rivers; a perfect getaway to fit the facets of expectations that a traveller can ever come up with.
The realm of Suru Valley is a great mixture of giant mountains and charming valleys that hunts the minds of wanderlusts and literally hypnotises you with its beauty. Suru Valley scores the highest when it comes to visitors and tourist attractions.
The two mountain peaks Nun and Kun stand tall in front of each other appreciating the fascinations of one-another. They literally look eye-to eye and the beauty game keeps going on. The Nun stands 7135 mtr strong where Kun is at 7035 mtr, the ferocious yet charming peak scenes is a real bliss to experience.

The Pensi La Lake- Kargil:

For a few of the travel hearts, a water asset is a must visit on every trip. It’s just one of those thing for them. Pensi La Lake sums the equation up for those perfectionists who wish to rejoice in the complete packages by nature.

Pensi La is considered as the mountain pass and moreover a gateway to Padum, Zanskar from Kargil District. The hues of water alongside the ruthless cold is a deadliest combination ever to be with and witness. Pensi La also vends picturesque panoramas for Suru River Valley, The Glacial Lake and Drang Drung Glacier.

Pensi La is 4400 mtr above the sea level, connecting Suru Valley with the Zanskar Valley.

Never miss an opportunity to be at Kargil when you plan a trip to Ladakh, now you know why!

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Mayur Modi November 21, 2019