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Stargazing- A relishing night under the sky


You are somewhere; escaped from this hustling and bustling world, surrounded by greenery right in the heart of the jungle, the exotic sound of water drop is pouring peace in to your ears and you are lying in the lap of mother earth who is embracing you with full of love under the deep black non-ending sky full of glazing stars..

Isn’t this just another dream of yours?

Rejoicing in the relishing nature and stargazing..

Well, I can bet everyone amongst us has lived this moment; at least once in our dreams or with a video clip of a scene where we must have seen someone living this moment.

We have always thought, is the sky this much clearer anywhere on the earth? Do the stars really mesmerise us like that?

Answer to all this is a big YES!!!

We are all stuck between;

“We live only once, live every moment that life throws at you!” and “We need to save something for the future!

But, what really matters is a bit of peace and a getaway to push the blue button of refreshment. It is much needed to keep the soul alive.

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A marvellous  journey to the hinterlands of Chhattisgarh, we should rather refer to it as the wonderland on Indian soil though! The territory of Chhattisgarh offers you a majestic experience that would let you unleash the real charm of nature and exclusive wildlife that holds the coin of antiquity real high

Chitrakoot, the horseshoe shaped interpretation crafted by nature on a cliff that forms a huge 95 feet water drop on the river bed of Indravati river. It’s a sheer pleasure to witness the visuals of this awful fall and feel the feel the power of nature, this mixed experience may leave you stunned and astonished.

Chitrakoot sits approximately 38 kilometres  on the west of Jagdalpur in the Bastar District of Chhattisgarh. This 300 metre  wide fall is a treat to watch almost for 3/4th chunk of the year, but as per the thumb rule of waterfall sighting, monsoons is the season when river floods with a hell lot of water and the Chitrakoot site is expected to have flooded with visitors. It’s the core power of the fall that draws a great number of visitors to the site every season.

The boatsman here are utterly courageous and are on pledge to showcase and flaunt the beauty of this picturesque landscape to every visitor who visits the site. They will take you thru  the cunning sprays and marvellous  glory of the fall to the fullest.

Chitrakoot and the region has a lot more to discover and unwind.

Witness picturesque skyline

The evening scenes here are real bliss. The sunset vends uncountable hues that are worth remembering. If you hit the right slot in on the calendars then you can also get to see the flamboyant rainbows spread over the skyline, right above the water drop.

Touch the waterline

The landscapes are meant to be enjoyed from a spot, but to exploit the real glory it you need to get a wet. Paddling boats and regular boats can take you closer to the plunge where you can enjoy the sprays of water directly falling in from the cliff.

If you are a water body and want to enjoy a dive, Chitrakoot welcomes you with a broadly spread river bed where you can dive in and experience a refreshing swim, just make sure you don’t push the limits and try not to challenge the power of nature.

The Tirathgarh Fall

Chitrakoot is a tourist hub though but there are many more destinations in Chhattisgarh that are yet to be unmasked on the ground of tourism. Alongside Chitrakoot, Tirathgarh fall is another majestic water drop landscape located 36 km away from Jagdalpur.

The nature lovers would be in bliss as exploring wonders in such a short span and many at a time is a herculean task, but in Chhattisgarh it’s seems quite possible.

Exploring the Kailash Gufa

Inside the Kanger Valley National Park, another buckling site welcomes you and keeps the strings attached with the ancient hertiage. The 100 metre  long Kailash Gufa is completely cavern and is located at a hillock inside the national park.

For the nature lovers, July to October is the peak season to visit the Chitrakoot Falls. If you are a third eye devotee ( photographer) and enjoy covering the landscapes then October to February is the correct season to step in at Chitrakoot.

So what are you waiting for? The landscapes are calling…

Mayur Modi November 1, 2019