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Roadtrip To Lahaul-Spiti – The Drive {Video}

In October 2013 when we undertook the road trip to the twin valleys of Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, little did we know that the adventure awaiting us would surpass the usual glitches one would expect on a 1700 km journey – of a flat on a highway or a traffic snarl.

What we encountered was the most dangerous yet thrilling jaunt of our lives. You can read all about it HERE…

We were armed with the requisite equipment to shoot videos on our journey, keen on sharing the astounding beauty of this spectacularly stark and harsh part of our country. However, our best laid plans remained on paper and in our hearts, for we spent most of our time battling – the roads, the weather, the unexpected chaos – in a bid to get out of the situation safe.

But we did shoot one video – on the ONLY motorable stretch of road (about 20 kms) from Keylong (situated in Lahaul Valley) to Koksar (on route to Spiti Valley).

Enjoy this clipping, as Dire Straits sing Romeo and Juliet in the background, and watch the magnificence of the topography of this region unfold before your eyes!

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