The globalization has taken a huge dig on our lives. We don’t seem to be living a life; it’s just the calendar that keeps on flipping. So, it’s time to add some days of excitement, happiness and joy to life. You must be facing some What’s and How’s? Read on to reveal the answers to all your What’s and How’s!

After a great work week, don’t you feel you should take an exit from this corporate culture and spend some quality time with your loved ones? I know you are gonna say a big YES and to prosper your choice I have something special to share. Who won’t appreciate a foreign tour over a weekend break?

And on the top of all when a renowned name like Ease India Travel is making an effort to ease down the things for you, why to set back? To celebrate a solid weekend, Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore are the dream destination that an Indian can opt usually. Now, it’s time to unroll the diversified set of activities and places to explore, that these realms are imposing.

Dubai, an emirate in the United Arab Emirates, highly popular for the luxury lifestyle and modern architecture.

If you cherish luxury and architecture, then Dubai is the must visit destination to rock your weekend.

When in Dubai, you should never miss a chance to touch the golden skyline in Dubai with World’s Tallest Tower; Burj Khalifa, which stands 828 meters high and vend a mesmerizing experience.

Right next to the tallest tower, there is the Dubai Mall. A treat for shopaholic spirits comprising of around 1200+ shops and around 150 restaurants.

The magical Dubai fountain gains all the control to your eye-balls, right next to the door of Dubai Mall. The perfect blend of lights, water splashes and music that offers a breathtaking experience.

Dubai has a lot more to explore inclusive of exotic beaches alongside thrilling water sports and cruise rides, that can quench the thirst of water bodies. The amazing desert safari of the Arabian Deserts leaves you stunned with wonders!

Dubai has a magnetic energy that draws a humongous share of tourists every year, for a reason.

Dubai and Bahrain are two different sides of a coin, one is rich in luxury and modern culture where other stands its ground with historical heritage and entertainment. So if you feel that you are done with the modern age luxury then it’s time to unwind the legacy that Bahrain has got to share.

Bahrain, an island country from the Persian Gulf that holds a rich historical heritage, embracing the perfect blend of modern and traditional culture.

As we were already talking about the fascinating history of Bahrain, it’s time to roll into the ancient keepings that Bahrain is flaunting for years now.

Charming testaments in the name of mosques reflect the historical heritage that Bahrain has preserved. This realm from the Middle East has multifarious Islamic architectures built with great compassion. Just to be insightful, Al Fateh Mosque from Manama, the capital of Bahrain is a great piece of art to have a look of.

Usually, we end up saying that time never travels back, but the legacy of Bahrain holds the vigour to push you in the past and vend an experience to travel towards the present with the history that it has witnessed. Here, I am turning the focus on the Bahrain National Museum which you should never miss a visit to, when at Bahrain. You will feel content after embracing the visuals of ancient artefacts and handmade crafts. This isn’t less than a tour of diversified cultural heritage and customs of Bahrain.

If you believe in magic and want to witness a bit of it, then must plan a visit to The Tree of Life in the deserts of Bahrain. It’s astounding to see this tree standing and flourishing green from past 400+ years in the middle of the desert.

Well, we talked enough about the heritage, now it’s time to move to entertainment and leisure.

To complement the history, this small kingdom has built up some adventurous elements in the name of water and theme parks and leisure.

Do you enjoy adventures?

Then Bahrain has got a lot to cherish your spirit. The water parks here will make you slide and glide on the rollercoaster and fill your lives with full of thrill. Bahrain holds most modernly crafted water rides that are fully capable to satisfy the adventure appetite of yours.

The City Centre-Bahrain; a shopping destination worth to spend an evening at. The perfect destination to rejoice in entertainment & leisure at Bahrain. Here your children can enjoy rides of their dreams with Magic Planet and exciting water rides too. Shop until you drop could be the words to say alongside 340 exquisite brands.

South Bahrain is highly popular for its exotic sea life and water sports. Scoob diving is a must-do here, the underwater creatures, antiques like pearls and other species is a reviving experience to have during a dive.

– Mayur Modi, October 4, 2019