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Rebuilding Kerala & Coorg Through Tourism

After witnessing one of the worst natural calamities in over a century, today, Kerala and Coorg lie in pieces. The beautiful state of Kerala along with the district of Coorg have witnessed much loss during June to August 2018.

These two destinations need no introduction. Single travellers, honeymoon couples and even senior citizens who enjoyed its peace and quiet have been both shocked and saddened by its state. The massive floods did not spare anybody or anything in its path and the condition of the state today has dismayed hearts all over the world.

As soon as word got out, people started sending money, clothes, food, medical aid, toiletries, essentials and so much more. However, what is most needed is help, support and love to not only rebuild the homes of the locals but also heal their hearts. Over time, the physical destruction caused by this calamity will be overcome, but the strain caused on the lives of the people who have lost their loved ones will never fade.

This is the time to give back to Kerala and Coorg that you have loved so much and may have wanted to visit for long. If you’re looking to do your bit to help Kerala and Coorg, the most important thing you can do in the coming months is to NOT stop travelling to these destinations.

Travel to Kerala and Coorg to bring them back to what they once were. Tourism promotes business activities and boosts the economy in more ways than one. It also gives incentives to the government to buckle up and make provisions to rebuild it faster. Infrastructure developers along with those responsible for tourist attractions like spas, restaurants, hotels and pubs too are bound to follow suit and start pacing their work to attract more tourists. The more people travel here, the more development will happen, in turn bringing in more tourists.

As a traveller, one can also identify which areas need most work so the word can be spread. Thanks to social media, spreading awareness about the plight of these places has become much easier. Case in point is a recent situation in Shimla where the town had a massive shortage of drinking water. Social media was flooded with thoughtful messages from travelers encouraging other tourists to be conscious of their water usage in Shimla so the lives of the locals do not get affected.

Likewise, as an environment-conscious traveller, make it a point to not waste resources while travelling, especially through Kerala and Coorg – be it food or water or electricity. Let’s be empathetic and show it through our actions. Because whether you realise it or not, every little gesture counts towards rebuilding these beautiful destinations.

Kerala and Coorg have mesmerized travellers from across the world! And now they need us more than ever before. Visit Kerala and Coorg with an open mind and a giving spirit during this difficult time and let positive tourism activities bring a ray of hope to the locals.

Chandrika September 11, 2018