Destination – Tala Raigad, Maharashtra

A rare combination of privacy and indulgent luxury, Forest Hills, Tala, has been designed and built to exceed expectations. Tucked away in a forest close to the Kuda caves, this Eco Retreat indulges the senses and helps you rediscover a holistic sense of self as the pristine environment around you unravels.
Situated in Raigad, Forest Hills is about 160 kilometres away from Mumbai and Pune. By road, it takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach the place.


The Rooms

Living at Forest Hills is experiencing the very essence of nature. The warm, secluded and luxurious villas are erected in the silhouette of serenity, with a touch of sustainability. Instated in the bounty of nature, the villas are adorned by 360-degree scenic beauty. While all the villas are distinct from each other, they provide open space, indulgent luxury and a sense of tranquility.


Starting from – Rs. 28320* to 42480* + Tax (Rates may different on weekends)

*Cost includes stay for a couple for 2 nights & all meals.