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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013

Our trip to the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival conducted in Mumbai in January was not planned. Nevertheless, since the camera has become a part of our being, we had it strapped to our necks, and took a few shots, some at night and some during the day.

Due to paucity of time we could not capture the entire festival in its glory. We caught just a few glimpses and present those to you here.

The photos are accompanied by the names of the artists, and of their exhibits/installations. The information was taken from the Kala Ghoda website – Some of the descriptions were also available on the site which we have reproduced here. The copyright belongs solely to the website.

About Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2013

The theme for Visual Arts for the 2013 Festival was ‘MUMBAI DREAMS … ART FOR CHANGE’.

“Diverse group of artists’ find a space for their talents and thoughts to manifest a form at the festival through interactive installations and photography exhibits at Rampart Row” (where we shot all our photographs.) Source:

“Driver’s negligence is the single most important factor for road accidents. Using mobile phone while driving is one of the most common acts of negligence and such behaviour needs to be stopped before it claims someone’s life. While driving, better disconnect your mobile phone and stay connected to life.”

“Space, in Mumbai, is a luxury few can afford. With the dearth of open spaces and the never ending battle for floor space, our vision for Mumbai is to make the best of the space that we already have in plenty: Vertical Space. The floral art sculpture propagates the cause of vertical gardens, which we hope will soon become an essential part of the city’s urbanscape. The sculpture comprises of natural vines, textured surfaces that are created by using natural materials, used beer bottles, and live plants.”

“Mumbai is a culturally-rich and embracing milieu which makes this city “A city of dreams”. It is ironic that the city which hardly sleeps is still called the city of dreams. Whether you are driving in your SUV on the sea link, or eating vada pav on the street, dreams continue to exist within.

Challenges and hardships do not take away these dreams, it’s the people who quit when the going becomes tough. The crowd in Mumbai is looking out for business opportunities in every aspect of their life, this business is termed as “dhanda” which means “intention or purpose”, the purpose for living, every person walking by you is continuously in search of their purpose.

Dhanda is the depiction of the extremities people put themselves in, to earn their bread and butter. The installation art comprises of high rise cityscapes as well as the shanties putting across the irony.The busy lifestyle of these people are brought to notice by using contemprorised warli art.”

Glimpses of Mumbai the city through our lens:

Ritu@2017 August 1, 2013