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Indian Grand-Mothers & Travel

A woman, what comes to your mind when you listen to this word?

A woman is someone who loves you, shapes and moulds you as a mother, annoys you and cares for you as a sister, encourages and pushes you as a good friend, supports and empowers you as a companion, cheers you up with joy and challenges the child in you in your down-age as a daughter and embarks the seeds of culture and nurtures your child with love as a grandmother.

How significant role-plays a woman does in her life span? But does she get the fair share in return, which she will never ask for but always deserves!

It’s time; the clock has changed the pace so as our lives. The society is transforming, the woman of today is equally shouldering the responsibilities to run a family.

Today’s women are embracing all that they deserve then why not the yesterday’s women?

The point is, today’s generation has accepted the fact that you need to move with the pace of time and everyone has equal right to live in their own space, then why not the people from the old generation should also take the charge of their time and space.

We have always seen our mother and grand-mothers in the kitchen, putting up efforts making sure that the family eats well and stays healthy. We have always seen them visit temples and pilgrimages and pray for the betterment of children and grand-children.

But, have you ever seen your granny’s travelling for leisure?

Have you ever seen your grand-mother chilling and relaxing with her group of friends?

Doesn’t it voice out something that needs to be changed?

Yes, it surely does.

Our lovable Granny’s and their favourite things to do

Our Granny’s are super women; they would work four hours but never feel tired.

Considering the old-age upbringing under very strict and tight atmosphere, they have never seen the world out of the box. Their childhood lapsed in being a helping hand at home, after that early marriages vanished their young-age and then home making and kids never left their back alone.

Now, as they have outgrown old, they think that; cooking delicious foods for family and grand-children is their prime job, climbing the temples and pilgrimages to seek blessing for the family is an inevitable chore and upbringing the grand-children with the same integrity is a responsibility.

Well, this is all fine, but somewhere this nutshell has to break.

Holidays that Grand-Mothers appreciate the most

The culture and technology are walking in harmony today, and all the credit for this summation should be given to the Grand-Parents. They magically pour in the potion of culture into our lives, leaving us unknown and un-noticed of it.

They are so indulged with culture and rituals that even the holiday and trips that they plan are also some or the other pilgrimage site or monastery.

They say that it gives them peace of mind and a feeling of satisfaction.

Even in the down-age they decide to climb the mountainous pilgrimage sites and pray for the health and wellness of the family. What else could be appropriate to define selflessness?

What Grand-Mothers should do?

Well, I am not at all saying that visiting pilgrimages and chanting prayers shouldn’t be the part of a Grand-mothers routine. But, after dedicating the whole life to the family, a break for self is mandatory, isn’t it?

Exploring different cultures and traditions is also a part of a Granny’s habit; it’s more of a hobby as they rejoice in exploring these things. Provided a fair opportunity, she won’t deny it.

India is the only country on the back of the world that is celebrating Unity in Diversity four years now. That means , Granny’s seem to have enough opportunities to explore diversified culture spread around in different states of India. Being a grand-mother it’s a jackpot to claim where she can experience immense pleasure and surely enjoy her holiday.

Meeting new people and sharing the life-experiences is the feeling of real bliss. En-route the journey of exploring different regions of India, Grand-Mothers can make a ton of friends and can even come up with a novel spreading insight over life experiences.

Lovable Grand-Mothers genuinely deserve a leisure holiday where they can relax and embrace the peace, redefined other than prayers.

Travelling for leisure would really be a grateful experience for Granny’s as it would add a completely new perspective to their lives.

Experiencing the culture, having put on a glass of leisure would definitely add up pleasure to your Granny’s routine.

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Mayur Modi November 22, 2019