Destination: Nainital, Uttarakhand

The Villa was built in the year 1864 when Nainital was established as a summer retreat by the British. It is one of the oldest houses still standing in Nainital, built on the safe land-slide free side of Nainital amidst beautiful Oak forests.

The Villa is a real steal. There is an old world charm in this property, the moment you step-in this place will mesmerize you in many ways. Its Elegance, Beauty and Warmth will attract you.

The Rooms

The Villa is one of the oldest houses still standing in Nainital. Our aesthetically designed rooms adorned with modern amenities gives you sheer comfort and luxurious stay. All the rooms have the essence of old world heritage and royal comfort in the midst of Nainital town. Each room is equipped with Flat-screen TV & cozy double bed and more.


Starting from 5000* + Taxes

(Rates may vary must confirm before booking)
*Cost includes stay and breakfast.