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Guidelines For Guest Posts

Yep, we are going to sound insanely business like in this segment, but honestly, if you have gotten this far, it just means that you DO intend to become a guest writer with us and thus, we have to ‘tell it like it is’…

We are a very relaxed team of travellers who, it may sound like, have nothing better to do when we are not travelling, which is partially true, but only partially… Coz we do have day jobs and some of us have been editors in the past so we know what we are talking about here…

We urge you to follow these guidelines and partake in an extraordinary journey, which will be fulfilling and exciting. Read on…

General Guidelines

  • Your travel experience MUST be about your own travel experience… The more personal, the better
  • Chances of getting published are higher if your content is fresh and has never been published before
  • We don’t accept travelogues without photos that you have shot
  • We LOVE humour
  • We love reading a well written post – slang and colloquial don’t excite us much so we request you to keep it simple, keep it neat but creative
  • Videos are our new passion – if you have one that’s exciting, unique and creative, feel free to share it with us
  • If we find your submission is plagiarised, we have the right to disregard it without any intimation to you
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Send us an email marked Guest Post Submission in the subject line
  • Emails must be sent to
  • Tell us who you are in about 250 words in the body of the email
  • We accept posts in Word Doc format only
  • All photos need to be under 1 mb each and sent as attachments to the email
  • All photos must have captions
  • We may edit or improve your post for it to be more successful. If you have a problem with it, do let us know

So let your creative juices flow, and tell the world about your own ExperienceTravel story!

Ritu@2017 January 10, 2014