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Forest Bathing – The Soothing Therapy

What strikes your mind when someone says “Forest Bathing”?

Bathing in the forest?

A pool surrounded by trees and wild life and you diving into it?

A soothing natural therapy?

Well, let me tell you, if your thoughts are driving you crazy with this term; don’t flip the console in your hand unless and until you finish reading this piece of content.

I can assure almost 70% of the readers would say that Forest Bathing is taking a shower in the jungle. But, deep down the remaining 30% minds would think about the rest things that can go around the term and the science behind coining such a term.

Well, let me break the nutshell for you; Forest Bathing is about being free and living in nature, connecting the strings with nature and unifying with nature in a way that it could help us fix our despaired health.

Well, let me break the nutshell for you; Forest Bathing is about being free and living in nature, connecting the strings with nature and unifying with nature in a way that it could help us fix our despaired health.

All of us would completely agree with me if I say that our body is an integral part of the nature, don’t you?

If yes then you should agree on the fact that we are alienated from the original clean nature. Somehow it is inevitable for us to get back to the state from where all of this started; the journey of revolution.

The rock and urban lifestyle which we are appreciating is actually chocking us from within and we are growing weak by every passing day. We need to go back to the nature and should allow it the access to all our senses so that it could trace down the malfunctions and shortcomings.

Healing is a process that demands your participation; both physically and mentally. When you contribute the right way, the results you get to see are stupendous. Forest Bathing is said to connect your body with the nature for a while and it gradually helps you attain the state of complete immunity.

Forest Bathing, a concept introduced jointly by Japan Department of Agriculture and Forest Fisheries in late 1990’s. It’s being coined as “Shinrin Yoku” in Japan.

Japanese folks have been using this method for healing and attaining a healthy lifestyle without performing any sort of exercises or yoga. They have been using Forest bathing as a technique to experience a great state of mind and completely immune health.

This “Shinrin Yoku” has become so famous that Japanese noticed the increasing demands for that matter.

Gradually the western country started to ponder greater interest into this infamous method of natural healing. At the first glance every other person would think of it differently as the name suggests but further they were explained and educated about the same and then the popularity grew like anything.

Forest bathing is a set of different things in nature that one wants to experience slowly, to survive. It’s an approach that you need to follow to meet the better physical or mental health within the natural surroundings.

Science says, Forest Bathing isn’t just about getting the pure and clean air from the trees of jungle, but also the aroma, breeze of different elements that tress and other wild life creatures excrete or are the source to.

Our body doesn’t has any in-built laboratory that can create antidotes for different viruses and germs; but it surely has a system that can fight back to the external attacks. To justify and strengthen the human immunity system these natural elements play a vital role.

Today the lives have become extremely fast and technocratic. The minds and brains are flooded and smudged with depression and stress. There is no out way to those things and ultimately the lifespans are getting shorter and shorter by every passing hour.

Forest bathing is a prominent solution to this. The one’s who are suffering a bad lifestyle and unhealthy routines should immediately plan up for a Forest Bathing routine. Trust me this can revolutionse the way you live.

Japan has issued this wonderful thing into the public interest and it’s viral worldwide just like the cat videos you scroll on your social media. It’s just that, we end up ignoring the stuff that help us build a better tomorrow and become couch potato’s for life.

Get out of the riddle, you need not to be harsh on yourself. You need not to sweat in the gym for hours, neither you have to spend hours on cardio sessions. You just need to opt for the perfect Forest Bathing programme for yourself and you are ready to go!!!

In the history of India, Japan has adopted the tradition of doing penance in dense shrubs. It is very healthy to meditate for some time in the woods near the trees. It’s proven that by living with the nature, a human becomes more liberal and his/her awareness of social commitment also increases.

Even though Japan has set the stage for Forest Bathing, every human alive on the earth own the right to know about this marvellous  way of healing and changing the way we live.

Being an Indian, we stand higher chances to embrace this revitalising therapy as we have forest all the way around us. Ease India Travel, you travel partners can easily help you figure out your next Forest Bathing session.

Ease India takes pride in sharing that it can help you avail this soothing therapy with all the considerate provisions in Kerala. The Jungle of Wayanad Kerala can be the your destination for a Forest Bathing session.

Alongside the picturesque landscapes of Kerala, embracing a greater you; what could be more gracious than this?

Let us help you heal all your problems…

Mayur Modi November 2, 2019