G.A.Y.A. – Travel With Pride


Ease India Travel is pro- LGBTQ+ and a firm supporter and ally for their rights to equality. After taking all this into consideration and Ease India Travel has taken the initiative to launch the ‘G.A.Y.A. List’.

G.A.Y.A. stands for ‘Go As You Are’.

Ease India Travel is a pan-India LGBTQ+ community activist. We support the ally of equal rights for the community and we support the right to travel for the community. Go As You Are (GAYA) is an initiative that has been started by us with the motto of making traveling available and memorable for everyone.

GAYA provides you a FREE access to our directory of properties/hotels/resorts that are the community friendly. We struggle everyday to provide the best for the community and sincerely wish for multiple more properties to join our team, increasing our reach and your options of having fun. Stay tuned with us, stay connected to travel and stay liberated from the stereotypes only with the GAYA team.

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Of course, most of India, Indians to be more precise are still new to this and therefore certain guidelines do come into play when LGBTQ+ couples travel within India.

LGBT Travel Safety Tips:

– LGBT visitors are advised against mistaking close physical intimacy among Indian men as a “green light” for public displays of affection with your same-sex partner. Travellers must note that all forms of public displays of affection – even among straight couples – is discouraged.

While most properties and their staff are indifferent, I would suggest to choose hotel accommodations at the 4 or 5-star level. You will be treated well, and your perceived sexuality will not be an issue among customer-facing hotel personnel.

Of course, the global brands with properties in the sub-continent, The Lalit, Four Seasons, Aman Resorts, Marriott, and others, are sensitive to the needs of their LGBT guests. What may come as a surprise is that luxury Indian hotel groups are actively seeking LGBTQ+ business.

A Little Modesty Goes a Long Way

– LGBT travellers to/within India will want to keep in mind that India is still a conservative country, and a general sense of modesty will serve you well.

– That said, tour operators who’ve brought many LGBTQ+ guests to India, report that being gay is simply a non-issue.

– Still, it’s advisable for same-sex guests (especially male guests) and heterosexual couples to avoid public displays of affection, particularly in rural locations which may be more conservative.

– Lesbian couples, especially those who do not present in a gender non-conforming way, can travel under the radar.

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Boat House, Kerala