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Celebrate Monsoon With A Road Trip Along The Western Ghats

Monsoons in India bring along more than just rainfall. It’s a beacon of hope for many and for some, it’s an excuse to travel! Monsoon season is the perfect time to plan a road trip through lush, green countrysides and winding hilly tracks that come alive with the touch of the first shower. At EaseIndia Travel, we love a good road trip, and this year, we are going on an adventure from Pune in Maharashtra, all the way till Kasaragod in Kerala! That’s a distance of almost 800 Kms, and we are inviting you to join us on this joy ride! The return journey will be covered over a span of 6 days, with a few pit stops on the way.

Road trips are special to us for several reasons. Firstly, travel is not solely about the final destination. As cliched as it may sound, it is also about the journey that takes you there. Secondly, a road trip really allows you to see and experience a journey better. It might be a time and effort consuming activity, but no other mode of transport opens up a place to you the way a road trip does!

The first leg of our journey will take us to Belgaum, Chorla Ghat and Kumta, with an overnight halt at Belgaum. From there onward, we will drive through the beautiful towns of Udupi and Mangalore to reach Kasaragod. If you’ve never driven through the hills of the Western Ghats in monsoon, this could be your chance to experience this part of India at this magical time of the year. Fresh showers breathe in new life to this ecosystem and this road trip is our way of celebrating that beauty.

But apart from the road trip, we will be spending some time to explore our final destination too. Nestled amidst the natural bounty of the Western Ghat hills, Kasaragod is not only a treat for the sore eyes, but is also famous for its historic sites. One of the most well known among those is the Bekal fort, which also happens to be the largest fort in Kerala. Built way back in 1650 AD, this fort was of strategic importance to the region and was used for defence purposes. The fort compound along with its observatory and secret tunnels is worth exploring if history fascinates you.

You may have been on several road trips by yourself, but we promise you that this one will be extra special. Our trip leader and the rest of the crew will ensure that all your food, lodging and logistic requirements are taken care of, so you can focus on the experience itself. This road trip from Pune to Kasaragod and back, and the various pit stops on the way will make for a refreshing new journey, while you forge new friendships with co-travellers and bring home memories to cherish forever.

Ritu June 7, 2018