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Bhutan Trip For Senior Citizens – Because Life Begins At 60!

Bhutan is often considered an unlikely and a tad bit unfavourable destination for senior citizens to travel to, especially because of the country’s terrain and weather. Bhutan’s average elevation is 8000 feet above sea level and the altitude can quickly and drastically change over short distances. Travelling through the country typically involves a lot of hikes or walks through elevated terrain. This acts as a deterrent for many, especially senior citizens, and prevents them from planning a trip to this beautiful country. But with EaseIndia Travel’s curated holiday experience, it is absolutely possible for senior citizens to travel to Bhutan and also enjoy the journey without any hiccups. Our sole aim is to make it possible for senior citizens to experience the unparalleled beauty of Bhutan in a hasslefree manner, minus all the hikes and tough climbs.

This senior citizens’ trip to Bhutan is all about exploring the magical country without compromising on comfort and ease of the travellers. You will be slow travelling through the country with our founder herself, who brings onboard her personal travel experiences and insights into the country gained after 15 trips over 6 years. Quite naturally, expect this trip to be unlike any other package tours you may have experienced or heard of. We focus on your comfort while staying true to the experiences Bhutan offers.

Keeping that in mind, travellers are first flown in to Paro since air travel is the most convenient way to enter Bhutan, as opposed to a strenuous 7-10 hour drive on the hilly terrain. On day 1, after you land in Paro, you will be taken to Thimphu where you will spend the next 2 days of your trip. Once you reach there, your tour guide will take you around to show you some of the most iconic sightseeing spots in this town, including the National Memorial Chorten and the Thimphu Dzong, among others. Later, spend a relaxed evening with your co-travellers or feel free to venture out on your own. On day 2, you will spend some more time exploring the quaint town of Thimphu.

The third day of your trip will be a bit more adventurous as we drive you to the Punakha district of Bhutan, while discovering unique sites on the way. Once you reach your destination, you will also be taken to see the longest suspension bridge of Bhutan and the Punakha Dzong. In case you are worried about having to climb stairs at the monasteries, you need not! This itinerary will take you to monasteries and other places of interest that are easily accessible by everyone and at most needs you to climb 10-15 steps.

On your fourth and final day in Bhutan, head back to Paro to see some of the most popular sights in town – Paro Dzong, the National Museum and many others. Spend the rest of the day in leisure and enjoy shopping in the local markets for souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

If you have always dreamt of a trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, but have been apprehensive due to logistic difficulties, this trip is tailor-made for you! Our team will take care of every aspect of the trip from the start till the very end of the journey. Forget trivial problems like accommodation issues or finding Indian vegetarian food, because all your needs will be catered to. We want you to focus on what’s truly important – the actual journey. Reconnect with life and with your own self on this fulfilling journey with us and take home memories that will last a lifetime. Who said taking retirement from work at 60 means taking retirement from life too? Definitely not us!

Chandrika May 21, 2018