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Bask in the sun and Roll over the Sand-It’s Beach Time

Finally, the winters are here!!!

While some are unrolling the warm apparels, others love to rejoice in the warm aura.

Beaches are the best places to explore when the winter knocks your doors with the chilling breeze and dropping temperatures. Embracing the humid and moist coasts during the shivering winters vend a different feeling of warmth which is unparalleled.

May you be in your early teens or may you have crossed you sixty’s, beaches are always soothing during winters and they let you drag the best moments of your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Ease India Travel and plan the best ever winter trip to any of the picturesque Indian coast.

  1. Kerala- The paradise of landscapes
  2. Andaman Islands- Port to the blue waters
  3. Goa- The land of beaches and adventures
  4. Pondicherry – The realm cherishing French Heritage

Kerala- The paradise of landscapes

Kerala has always been in buzz for the beautiful landscapes it owns. Being at this place is just a treat for the eyeballs and mind, as it utterly refreshes you from within.

A soul nature lover would never regret visiting this wonderful land full of nature. The lush greenery all long where your eyes can reach quenches your mind with ultimate peace and lets you discover your true self.

If you are the one who loves to embrace solitude, Kerala has a bucket full of places that compliment your desire. It’s heaven for the souls who believe in peace and seeking it with the utmost curiosity.

As its winter, it’s the time to hit the beaches and relish in the warm and humid airs that the sea passes off the shore. Kerala is blessed with great coastal coverage, wherein each of them is popular for some or the other traits.

The Kovalam Beach, closely placed to the Capital of Kerala Trivandrum. Kovalam is popular for the action and adventure that it vends. It is one of the most popular surfing destinations from India.

The Marari Beach, it’s a treat for those who love to rejoice in the serenity. You can climb on a houseboat and traverse the backwaters.

Bekal Beach, enriched with rich heritage and luxury hospitality. The old forts here are lethal and deserve a worth visit from the heritage lovers. Luxury has been redefined by various hospitality chains here and a pool of the hotels is available where you can enjoy a luxury stay.

Andaman Islands- Port to the blue waters

The picturesque water landscapes and turquoise blue water bays make it more special. Andaman Island also holds vital strings with history.

Havelock and Neil Island are the two gems that add value to the beauty of Andaman. White sand, a row of palm trees on the neat and clean shores vend the perfect beach experience that one can ask for. Snorkelling and Diving push the game one notch up with the boost of adventures.

Laying on the sandy shores and living the sunsets could be a majestic experience to have. The virgin backwaters sophisticatedly serve the glimpse of solitude and peace.

Goa- The land of beaches and adventures

Goa, every bucket list in India has this destination included. And why not? This place has got everything that one wants to go for.

It has marvellous beaches, amazing heritage, heaven for street shopping and cool culture.

Vagator & Anjuna Beach, located in North Goa. The coastlines are covered with tall palm trees making it appear stupendous. The crazy trance parties are the key highlight that puts Vagator up from the other beaches of Goa.

Calangute & Baga, placed in close proximity from each other. Experience the most happening beach life, dive in the waters as it’s safe here lay back on the shacks holding your favourite drink and unfold the true means of being in Goa, here.

Palolem Beach, it’s just about a one-mile crescent-shaped coastline, untouched and unspoiled by the adverse globalisation. Both the ends of the beach are covered by the rocks and the water depth is marked safe for swimmers. It is labelled as the finest beach on the soil of Goa, worth deserving a visit

Pondicherry – The realm cherishing French Heritage

The boulevards of the French Quarter of Pondicherry, otherwise called White Town, are spotted with enchanting mustard-yellow pilgrim structures with bougainvillaea loaded dividers. These are scattered with comfortable bistros and chic boutiques that offer heavenly French food and drinks.

Come and explore the lanes and mourns of the Pondicherry that will, at last, bring you down to the exquisite coastline Promenade, where the Bay of Bengal energetically sprinkles the shores of the well-known Rock seashore.

Paradise Beach, the charming coastline at Paradise beach will leave you stunned. Water sports, Beach sports and Dolphin spotting are must-do activities when you are here at Paradise Beach.

Auroville Beach, the ideal Pondycherry lighthouse view from here is commendable. The coast welcomes and cherishes Swimmers and surfers. Eyeing the sun traversing in the sky while relaxing on the shacks is a mesmerising experience to have in the evenings at Auroville Beach.

Modi Mayur December 12, 2019