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Bahrain: The Perfect Weekend/Quick Getaway From India

A small island nation in the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain is undoubtedly an underrated destination compared to some of its neighbours in the Middle East. Despite being geographically isolated from the mainland, Bahrain first came under the global limelight for its famous pearl fisheries that were once considered the best in the world. Fast forward to this day and Bahrain has emerged as a tolerant, high income and exciting country in the region, offering upscale hospitality options and a wide gamut of activities for travellers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you were to tell us that you’ve never considered Bahrain as a holiday destination with your family. Afterall, the shining stars of the Middle East, Dubai and Abu Dhabi manage to get the bulk of tourists from all over the world, making a destination like Bahrain look lacklustre. But you’ll be surprised to know how much fun Bahrain could be only if you looked a little deeper inside. At Ease India Travel, we want to do just that. If you’re planning a vacation, here’s why Bahrain should be your next destination.

  • Exciting and Unique activities

Traditional pearl diving was once one of the primary means of livelihood in Bahrain. But with modernisation, the activity has lost its once coveted position and has been replaced by oyster farming. This has left the sea bed rich with mollusks ready to be picked, which has resulted in recreational pearl diving becoming one of the most exciting activities in Bahrain! Learn about the fascinating history of this art and take a dive with experts to pick your own pearl from the sea bed. If this doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will!


  • Welcoming environment for Indians

India and Bahrain have been known to share an extremely cordial bilateral relationship, dating back as early as 3000 BC. The relationship continues to this day, which not only makes it simple for Indians to procure a tourist visa for Bahrain but also makes locals more receptive to Indian tourists. This reflects in the population composition of the country as well, where one third of the total population consists of Indian expats who have lived there for several years and have found a home away from home.


  • Fitting alternative to Dubai

Yes, we agree that Dubai is a great place to travel to with family, but a trip to Bahrain proves that there’s so much more to the Middle East than just Dubai. Shopping at swanky malls – Check. Adventure sports – Check. Historic and cultural sites – Check. Add to that Bahrain’s massive international F1 circuit that’s a major draw for motorsport enthusiasts, and you can tell that this is a destination waiting to unveil itself!


  • Ease of travel

Bahrain can be reached from Mumbai with a short, direct flight, lasting only 3.5 hours, making it a great destination for when you have only a few days off but want to explore a new country. Or you could even consider doing this trip over an extended weekend! Get a quick online visa, hop on a direct flight and fly to this largely unexplored destination with us at Ease India Travel.


  • Hub of food, culture and history

Historic forts and museums, traditional souks (local markets), wildlife parks, and delicious local fare – Bahrain is a treat for travellers looking to explore the Bahraini culture. Explore old forts bearing tales from the past and find your way through vibrant souks selling spices, jewellery and handicrafts to Bahrain’s heart!

Chandrika July 3, 2018