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Are You A Senior Citizen? Here’s Why You SHOULD Travel!

Travel is one activity that does not come with an age limit and although no one should wait till they retire to travel, it is never too late to start. Come to think of it, travelling may actually get a tad bit easier as a senior citizen! Here are just a few reasons why you should let go of your apprehensions and take the plunge.


As a senior citizen who has retired or semi-retired from fulltime work, you have the luxury of time! Remember all those years you spent chasing a job, raising a family and fulfilling social/professional responsibilities that kept you from enjoying life? Well, this is the time to fulfil your dreams and travel your own way, for as long as you want.

Staying at home doesn’t ensure safety

Many senior citizens feel scared to venture out due to safety concerns about travelling to other countries. However, staying at home does not necessarily guarantee your safety. Of course, there are domestic as well as international destinations that need you to be extra cautious, but it’s unfair to generalize. Don’t let this fear cripple you. There are many places in the world where travelling as a senior can be a breeze with the right kind of planning.

Make use of senior citizen concessions

Travelling, once you hit the 60 years mark, may actually turn out to be cheaper than usual. Senior citizens can avail discounted prices on a lot of services all over the world. So whether you want to travel across Europe on a train or fly to your favourite destinations, most travel operators and government agencies offer concessions to travellers above the age of 60. Make use of this opportunity and let your travel dreams take flight.

However, sometimes the most challenging part about travelling as a senior is usually taking the first step. If you are an aspiring traveller, why not start small with short trips to nearby destinations and then venture beyond? Once you gain the confidence, you can build up the momentum to keep going. Here are a few valuable tips for seniors who want to start travelling:

  • Choose your travel time with caution, according to your convenience so as to avoid jet lag and exhaustion. For many, the best time to travel is in the morning or early afternoon, depending on the length and mode of your journey
  • Getting appropriate insurance coverage is also vital based on your personal requirements, Keep in mind that your travel insurance should cover things like flight cancellations, basic medical facility, evacuation, baggage, and emergency hospitalisation
  • Travelling light is another great way to ensure that you are comfortable during the trip so you can pack and unpack quickly and also not have to worry about carrying heavy luggage
  • Carry all your required medication with you, enough for the entire duration of the trip to avoid scouring a new city for medicines

The difference between a successful trip and a not-so-successful one lies in great planning. Leave all your worries and the job of planning on us so you can focus on having an enjoyable experience. So, this New Year, if there’s one resolution you make, let it be this – to travel and live your life just the way you want!

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Chandrika January 25, 2019