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Adventure Activities In Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the Middle East. Often overlooked by travellers, this tiny nation made up of 30 islands is a treasure trove of rich culture and heritage. But that’s not all! Bahrainis know how to have fun and the country now offers opportunities for various kinds of adventure and outdoor activities. If you have always dismissed Bahrain as a boring destination thinking that there’s not much to do, it’s time to change your mind! Read on to find out about some of the adventure activities you can expect to participate in when in Bahrain and prepare yourself for a surprise!

Pearl Diving

Bahrain has a long history of pearl diving and the country used to be one of the largest producers of pearl at one time. But availability of cultured pearl from the rest of the world led to the decline of this thriving industry. However, even today, the culture of pearl diving exists in Bahrain as a recreational activity. As a tourist visiting Bahrain, you’ll be able to go on an underwater diving mission to experience the art of pearl diving first hand. Several scuba diving centres in Bahrain offer such opportunities for visitors to get a taste of the age-old profession. You’ll get a chance to take a plunge into the warm waters of the Gulf and pick up oysters from the sea bed. If you’re lucky, one of those oyster shells may even have a unique pearl inside that you can take home with you. But it’s the experience that makes this a must-do activity in Bahrain and sets it apart from usual scuba diving sessions.


Blessed with plenty of coastline on its 30 islands, Bahrain is a great spot for giving windsurfing a shot. Sailing and surfing clubs have cropped up all over the country that not only let visitors indulge in the sport as a one-time activity, but they also provide opportunity for windsurfing enthusiasts to learn the sport. If you were looking for a different way to enjoy the beautiful beaches and waves in Bahrain, windsurfing could be your answer. Riding the waves truly get a new meaning here!

Indoor skydiving

Too scared to take the plunge from an aircraft? Why not try indoor skydiving in an enclosed, protected space? Bahrain offers excellent indoor skydiving facilities for those of you who want to experience the thrill of the activity minus the risks. Complying with high international standards and equipped with the latest technology, the Gravity Indoor Skydiving facility is the place to be at for a unique adventure in Bahrain!

Bahrain may not seem as glamourous as some of its neighbouring countries, but it sure is a destination to watch out for. Rooted in rich heritage and history, Bahrain is upgrading itself into a destination perfect for the modern traveller. And these adventure activities are just the tip of the iceberg. The more you explore, the more will Bahrain reveal itself in all its glory!

Chandrika October 29, 2018