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5 Must Haves for Offbeat India Travel

For a comfortable trip to remote, rural or tribal India…

Over the years I have spent exploring offbeat places in India, that are less touristy, because they are remote, rural or tribal, I have learned to make myself comfortable despite the lack of facilities.

Such places do not have hotels where one can stay and one ends up staying in guest houses or homestays, run by the locals. They lack in infrastructure and comfort and on a long trip, city dwellers like me, may start missing the conveniences.

Sometimes the lack of comfort could also mean a lack of adequate hygiene, clean linen and such. To manage a night of sleep in such places, I ensure I pack certain things in my luggage.

Here are my Top 5 Must Haves –

  1. A blanket/sheet or throw that can roll up and fit into your suitcase or bag. This is essential if the sheets are unclean or if we need to cover ourselves when travelling in public transport such as a bus or train
  1. Toilet roll and wet wipes. Never leave home without them. I do however, carry back my garbage because while toilet paper decomposes, wet tissues don’t. It is important to exercise caution when using them
  1. Carry your own flask. Very essential when you’re visiting a cold place so you can carry hot water back to your room at night (and use it for brushing in the morning as well). Most remote places will not be able to arrange a flask

4. Power Banks. Yes, most of us carry them on our trips, but when visiting offbeat areas, it becomes essential. I have visited villages without electricity and the power bank is the only way I could keep my phone charged to shoot videos and create content

  1. A good attitude. This one is mandatory. When you venture into the offbeat in India, you will face many hurdles, but you should prepare yourself for it, mentally, before you venture out. Complaining about the lack of facilities is easy, but the locals/your hosts will wonder what you were expecting in the first place! Carry your spirit of adventure with you and a good attitude. It is the only way to make the most of some of the most unique travel experiences you will ever have in your life!

India is a vibrant country full of surprises. The one thing you can expect in India is the unexpected, especially when you travel to unknown parts.

Take India as she presents herself to you and you will create innumerable memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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Ritu June 01, 2022