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5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Coorg

If there is one form naturally occurring water-body that almost looks like it has descended on earth straight from heaven, it has got to be waterfalls! Silvery, foamy water gushing out of the mountains, or a gently rolling stream of water – waterfalls in Coorg are magical in all forms! If you want a taste of this magic, go on a hunt for some of the best waterfalls in the region listed here!

  1. Abbey falls

Probably the most famous and popular waterfalls in Coorg is the Abbey falls, thronged by almost every tourist who visits the town. Many people claim this is also the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg, given its location amidst thick forests and coffee plantations. The best time of the year to view the Abbey falls is between October to December, when it appears to be in its full glory post the monsoon showers.

  1. Iruppu Falls

The Iruppu falls originates from the River Lakshmana Tirtha and is a beautiful sight to watch because of the altitude from which it falls. It is a little far away from the main town and will need you to hire a cab to reach and also climb a flight of steep steps, but don’t let that deter you. Every bit of effort is worth the final view!

  1. Burude Falls

This waterfalls is slightly different from the others because of its five step structure. Misty and gorgeous, the best time to visit the Burude falls is winter and early summer. Monsoon makes it almost impossible to reach the waterfalls because of the sheer volume of flowing water. This is one of the smaller waterfalls in the region but is no less stunning than its bigger counterparts!

  1. Chelavara Falls

Direct access to the Chelavara waterfalls may have been stopped for tourists now (because of accidents in the past), but that doesn’t take away from its beauty. The route to reach this massive waterfalls is a slippery path but what awaits you at the end is a treat for the eyes!

  1. Mallalli Falls

The Mallalli waterfalls is formed by the Kumaradhara river and is possibly the highest waterfalls in Coorg, which makes it quite an adventure to reach it. The place can be accessed either by a jeep ride into the forest or a hilly trek through a forest trail. Either way, the journey to see this waterfall is filled with fun and a rush of adrenaline!

Not many people are aware that the Coorg region is peppered with so many gorgeous waterfalls. Most tourists tend to stick to 1 or 2 of the bigger, popular ones and end their search there. So the next time you’re in Coorg, spend some time exploring the region and finding hidden, lesser-known falls. They are sure to delight you and will give you an opportunity to explore Coorg in a different way.

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