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5 Experiences In Coorg You Cannot Miss

Rightly named ‘The Scotland of the East’, Coorg’s beauty never fails to enchant travellers. Known for its lush, rolling hills, vast stretches of greenery and an abundance of flora and fauna, Coorg is the perfect destination for those looking to get away from the mayhem of the city. If you are looking forward to truly soak in all that the town has to offer, make sure you don’t miss out on these top 5 experiences in Coorg.


1.Visit Coffee plantations

A characteristic feature of Coorg’s landscape is its many coffee plantations and it is a heaven for coffee addicts. But even if you are not, you still have plenty to look forward to. A tour through the plantations is not only fascinating because of their sheer vastness but they also give you a chance to see every stage of coffee production. If you are lucky, you may even get to be a part of the process and experience how coffee beans are picked.

2.Indulge in Adventure activities

The Coorg region is well known for the opportunities it provide to enjoy a variety of adventure sports and activities. If you love water sports, the nearby Barapole river is an ideal place for white water rafting through dense forests. Another offbeat adventure activity to experience in Coorg is ziplining, which has become very popular of late. Gliding through thick forests and deep valleys have a thrill of their own!

3.Experience Wildlife

One of their highlights of a trip to Coorg is experiencing wildlife at its best! The Rajiv Gandhi National Park and the Dubare Reserve Forest & Elephant Camp are two most sought after wildlife destinations in Coorg. In the former, visitors get to see a wide range of animals like the Sloth Bear, Bison and even Tigers. But if you love elephants and really want to experience how they are in their natural habitat, you should head to the elephant camp in the Dubare Reserve Forest. In addition to wild animals, these regions are a haven for bird watchers too.

4.Trek through gorgeous hilly trails

With such beautiful mountains around, a destination like Coorg is bound to have numerous trekking trails. One of the best and most popular hikes in Coorg the trek to Brahmagiri hills in the Western Ghats. Located at an altitude on 1600 mts., this trek takes you through a region with rich biodiversity. If you are looking to soak up a bit of nature on your Coorg holiday, this is the perfect activity for you!

5.Explore Tibetan colony at Bylakuppe

If you want to street away from the high adrenaline activities, a spiritual experience at the Tibetan colony and monasteries of Bylakuppe might be a good choice. This place will give you a unique chance to experience the lifestyle of monks while you stroll around exploring the vast monastery complexes and the peaceful Tibetan townships.

A trip to Coorg is an experiential journey that ruly allows you to discover the best of the state of Karnataka. If you have been searching for the perfect destination to disconnect yourself from your daily routines and indulge your senses in the lap of nature, your search ends here!

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