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5 delightful places to dwell in at Kerala

What is the first thing that you are much bothered about when you travel?

The accommodation and stay, isn’t it?

Well, whenever we travel for leisure, we always seek luxury at stay for our friends and family. Every time it doesn’t fit the shell, sometimes due to tight budgets and on the other days due to booking hustles.
But, not to worry when you are travelling with Ease India Travel!!!

All your worries are ours and we have a crafted a perfect remedy for it already.

As winters are here, we tend to plan some exotic travel to places where we can rejoice in the beauty of nature and bask in the sun of the shore beside the sea. How could we not be talking about the Kerala, the heavenly green land blessed with charming nature.

So, today we are going to share about 5 exquisite places where you can enjoy quality stay with you loved ones. Well, while covering this we have also considered and managed to not cut your pockets with huge numbers.

One more point to note, none of the places is a five star but the level of luxury they offer is surprisingly astounding!

  • Quiet by the River, Malayattoor
  • Grand Hyatt, Kochi Bolghatty
  • Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom
  • Somatheeram Ayurveda Village, Kovalam
  • Vythiri Village, Wayanad

Quiet by the River, Malayattoor

A grand, river side lodge sitting on a 47 acre island.

When you are making your way towards the island, you can feel the magic that is shedding out all the stress from within. Each oar on the water top by the boatman will strike a vibe of excitement; excitement to be at peace, excitement to embrace the beauty of nature.

As the name reads, it stands Quite by the river!!!

The spacious river side cottage is built up in stones, in order to give the same traditional feel and ambience and b

ut off course the authentic feel of being in Kerala. As long as you can throw your eye site you will only find nature and pure nature, you can put on binoculars if you feel your eyes are lying.

The quenching sound of silently flowing Periyar River and pleasing site of Malayattor forest adds up gazillion folds on why one should choose to stay here.

Mouth-watering eatables and authentic Kerala food is a treat for your appetite. You would definitely find yourself spellbound while eating with the nature.

Grand Hyatt, Kochi Bolghatty

On the lush greenery of Bolghatty Island, this wondrous infrastructure is alighted on 26 acre far-flung terrain. Grand as the name states, this enormous structure puts and end on the quest for a perfect waterfront resort for all that you need.

The picturesque landscapes to the Vembanad lake can be absorbed from the widespread terrace. The terrace suit lets you connect directly with the nature and you can feel the air that backwaters are driving off.

Countless amenities like Spa, Gym, Pool , room service are available on one touch access which essentially spells of the luxury that you are desire to cherish.

Kochi has always been about the new things and this place lets you connect with a great and engaging stuff that falls under real close proximity. May it be malls and shopping centers or may it be the museums and galleries; you have access to all of it.

The way to hearts travels from the stomach and Grand Hyatt knows how to win hearts. You can dine in at the Colony Clubhouse and Grill or The Thai Soul. Malabar Café and the Pool Bar serves you the perfectly blended beverages of your choice on demand.

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom

If you are the one who admires heritage the most then you are full heartedly welcome to The Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom.

This exotic lake resort has been built in line with the traditional culture of Kerala and vends the authentic feel that you wish to experience.

The heritage villas are paired with a courtyard which has a private pool and Jacuzzi installed, because what else could be more soothing than dive and dip into the water.

The mesmersing views of majestic landscaped gardens and lotus strewn canals from the villas add superlative value to the stay.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Village, Kovalam

Melting out into the Kerala culture is what wish then walk into the Somatheeram Ayurveda Village, Kovalam.

The Kerala House Deluxe cottages have rooted the Kerala traditions in every aspect that fulfils the definition of a house. Right from the doors and furniture to the antiques in the room, everything has a great connect to the culture of Kerala.

The Verandah reserves the separate space for sitting siting the great sea waterfront lying next to the stay.

Ayurveda is gift from our traditions and Somatheeram Resort is preserving the same in the name of Somatheeram Hospital Set. It delivers Ayurveda treatments and therapies that rejuvenates and refreshes your health.

Vythiri Village, Wayanad

If you are looking out fora break from the daily routine and wish to embrace a romantic getaway, Vythiri Village has you covered.

This aesthetic villa has got it all that can charm you and leave you stunned. The inbuilt pool lets you own your private space and create memories that would last lifelong.

Complimenting amenities never let you feel left out as one touch access to all of them is available. Essential arrangements for entertainment keep up the vacation mood.

Soothing Spa and Ayurveda healing treatments in the same old Kerala Traditions are a must when you are here at Vythiri Village.

Mayur Modi December 10, 2019